Aesthetic Treatment

Our Aesthetic treatments are non-surgical procedures that are designed to treat a range of skin issues and combat signs of ageing, rejuvenate and refresh the skin. They can be used on almost any part of the body but the most common areas are the face, neck and décolletage.

We appreciate it can sometimes be difficult to know which treatments would be best for you and your skin therefore please discuss with us prior to booking, alternatively you can come in for a complimentary skin consultation in which one of our highly trained therapists will be more than happy to assess your skin & offer advice on the best plan of action to suit you.

Our Glycolic skin peels exfoliate removing dead skin cells, stimulate and increase skin cell renewal and reduce acne leaving skin feeling soft, clean and revitalised. Glycolic is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial and will thus assist in the treatment of controlling and reducing acne prone skin and lesions, it can also significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Results can be seen after one treatment but we recommend a course of 6 treatments for skin rejuvenation for optimum benefits, problematic skin may require more treatments.

Mesotherapy is an advanced non-surgical treatment used for skin rejuvenation, it is relatively painless using micro injection techniques which pierce the top layer of the skin, along with specific target skin serums for immediate results. This treatment is great for tired, dull skin, anti-ageing, fine lines and wrinkles and sun damaged skin. Perfect to use after dermaplaning or skin peels.

Clinically proven micro-needling this treatment uses a pen for minimal discomfort, the pen device has 16 micro needles that pierce the skins surface. This effectively kicks the skin into repair mode and collagen is created in order to heal, the skins surface is completely renewed plumped and hydrated promoting healthy skin that looks younger.

Micro needling is perfect for brightening and firming the skin, anti-ageing and fine lines, acne scarring, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, pore size, skin tone and rosacea.

Are you getting enough B12? Give your body a pure energy boost with a Vitamin B12 shot. Having a B12 deficiency can cause a huge range of health issues. Are you constantly tired or fatigued, do you struggle to focus or concentrate, would you like to improve your moods. Having enough Vit B12 is linked to numerous health benefits we offer this via intramuscular injection and our Safe and legal treatments are offered to suitable candidates administered by an NHS trained vaccinator.


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