Hot stone reflexology is where hot stones are either incorporated into a reflexology treatment or are used for the whole treatment with no thumb walking at all; using large stones to warm and massage the legs and feet, and small stones to work reflex points and more specific areas.

The treatment is extremely relaxing for the client and feels wonderful for your hands, the heat will do the work rather than your fingers and thumbs.

Hot stone is all about working in harmony using various massage techniques and warm stones, relaxing the body as its deepest level. Stone massage is very effective to create harmony and a positive energy flow.

Hot stone reflexology is different from normal reflexology and massage. Continuous contact with the client is required when carrying our massage treatments, however with this treatment it is impossible as the stones need to be changed regularly in order to maintain the temperature. Stones that you have placed on different body parts do provide some sense of contact and certainly enhances the treatment.

The warm stone’s thermal conduction effect bring about local and systemic changes in the body, but also can influence the energy centres for body and mind balancing.

Try this fabulous therapy using the warmed volcanic stones to create a sensational experience melting away stress and tension, relaxing your mind and body – pure indulgence.


Hot Stone Massage

Using warmed volcanic stones to create a sensational experience, melting away stress, tension, relaxing your mind and body. This truly holistic experience brings harmony to both mind and body taking you into a deep state of relaxation.

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