At Escape we offer specialised treatments that are designed to relax, comfort and nourish you whilst being totally safe and effective, any expectant or new mother is certainly in need of some time out to indulge and pamper.

Choose from massage, facials, or a combination of the two. Maternity Reflexology is also recommended during pregnancy to leave you feeling relaxed and your feet refreshed and pampered.
During the nine months of pregnancy, your body and emotions will take on many changes. Regular treatments can help balance your hormones and help your body through this wonderful time.
Treatments can also help to alleviate the following common pregnancy symptoms:
• Oedema (fluid retention)
• Back Pain
• Symphysis Pubis Pain
• Heartburn
• Sciatica
• Constipation/IBS
• Nausea
• Headaches
• High Blood Pressure
• Fatigue

During your pregnancy your body is continually adjusting and sometimes needs a little help along the way and by having regular treatments during your this time and post pregnancy will benefit you enormously. Please note pregnancy treatments are carried out after your first trimester only.

Please note these treatments can only be performed after the first trimester. Performed by specially trained therapists this light soothing gentle pressure massage has been shown to provide many benefits, firm or deep tissue massage is not recommended at this time ensuring the safety of mum and baby.
  • Pregnancy Massage Full body (1 hour) £57.50 / Back Neck & Shoulder (30 min) £39.50

    Having regular massage during pregnancy will help your ability to relax during the first stage of labour. This can result in shorter and easier births. Research has shown that the baby can greatly benefit from the massage as endorphins (feel good hormones) are released by the mother during treatment. Massage also increases the release of oxytocin a pain reducing hormone vital for pain relief during labour. This treatment is carried out by specially trained therapists.

  • Mother to be (1 hour 15 min) £74.50

    Ideal from three months onwards, this combined facial, scalp, arm, hand leg and foot massage specially designed to sooth and condition your skin leaving you feel relaxed, pampered and refreshed.

  • Also available:

    Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage.

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