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Hot Stone Massage

Escape Studio - Hot Stone Massage The use of the healing benefits of heat and ice has been well known and used for centuries and is sill in use today. Crystals are also popular and are regularly used in healing treatments including hot stone and reiki.

The warmed stones are Basalt which is an igneous rock. It also covers ½ of the world's surface. The texture is fine and the colours vary from grey, green, dark red and black

The stones might not be as attractive as some crystals, but they have an energy that promotes a harmonising and cleansing effect. A treatment can help relax, calm ease emotions and have a meditative state.

During a treatment warmed stones are used throughout the massage, they will also be placed on the body to give you warmth and muscular tension will be released.

At Escape the combination of warmed stones, crystals, aromatic oils and a caring, knowledgeable therapist creates a sensational treatment. This can lead to Spiritual healing and balance within the mind and body for the client and the therapist.

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