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Rejuvenating and Uplifting Face Massage

This is a very gentle massage leaving clients feeling rejuvenated, cleansed and is a fantastic way of keeping away wrinkles. The massage relaxes the face muscles and stimulates circulation and lymph flow regenerating and promoting younger looking skin. It activates and improves muscle tone giving the skin a smooth texture and appearance together with a healthy glow.

Simple moves have been put together to give you a natural face lift and a preventative for future damage to the skin. The massage lasts approximately 45 minutes and is a continuous flow of massage moves. This is important because it helps the flow of energy through the energy channels and any breaks would prevent this. During this treatment marma points are massaged in both directions anti-clockwise (detoxifying) and clockwise (nourishing), Acupressure points are stimulated. To enhance the treatment further Hot towels can be used, the face is cleansed and a masque may be applied. For best results this massage should be repeated once a week for eight to ten weeks.

This face lift massage can leave you feeling relaxed, stress free and looking refreshed and energised, the skin is lifted, softer and more supple.

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