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Below is a small portion of treatments that we offer at Escape Studio, including information on each of them.


Aromatherapy has been used for centuries in many cultures to treat illness and promote well being. Egyptians were using aromatics 3,000 years BC for medicinal and cosmetic purposes, they used them to embalm their dead as they believed this would preserve them for their journey into the afterlife. The ancient Greeks discovered that the odour of certain flowers was stimulating, refreshing and relaxing and Greek soldiers use to carry an ointment made from myrrh into battle for the treatment of wounds.
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Bach Flower Remedies

Dr Edward Bach was a physician and Homeopath who spent his life searching for the purest methods of healing. He believed, as many doctors do today, that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness.
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Reiki is a complementary therapy, and is largely seen as an oriental version of spiritual healing, based on the laying on of hands and the channelling of a form of energy, or a "spiritual energy".
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Reflexology is a therapy that treats the feet in order to balance the whole body. Its main principle is to massage and apply pressure to parts of the feet known as reflex areas. The feet and hands are like a mini map of the body's anatomy.
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Hot Stone Massage

The use of the healing benefits of heat and ice has been well known and used for centuries and is sill in use today. Crystals are also popular and are regularly used in healing treatments including hot stone and reiki.
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Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue work.
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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is traditionally a seated massage aimed at the head, neck, upper back, upper arms, shoulders and face.
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Thai Compress Massage

The treatment is a combination of both massage and the amazing aroma and detoxifying benefits of the herb compresses.
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Rejuvenating and Uplifting Face Massage

This is a very gentle massage leaving clients feeling rejuvenated, cleansed and is a fantastic way of keeping away wrinkles.
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Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is performed on the feet and the lower legs and is one of the most popular treatments in Thailand.
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Hopi Ear Candling

Ear candling is also known as thermal auricular therapy, ear coning, or Hopi ear candling. This treatment is a physical therapy as it assists in the removal of blockages and excessive earwax.
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